Monday, September 14, 2015


This weekend I went back to school.
After undergrad then grad school I never thought I'd be back in a classroom!

I'm attending Georgetown to get a certificate in Early Intervention. I currently work in early intervention providing speech therapy to infants and toddlers birth-3 with special needs. I'm hoping to be better equipped to work with families and gain more skills as an early interventionist. 

This is a mostly online course so I'm still working full time with my cute kiddos. I could never leave them! :) I'm feeling a little crazy for going back to school but Blake promised to help me with my homework ha. 

I've already learned a lot after two days, like did you know there is a huge "word gap" between children born into low income families vs higher income families? By age 3, children born into low income families have heard about 30 MILLION fewer words than their affluent peers.

Kinda scary. I want to change that :) 
No matter what your income level- TALK WITH YOU KIDS!

Wish me luck as I remember how to use blackboard, write research papers and use ABA formatting blah blah blah :S

P.S. More info on the 'word gap' issue