Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Party Time

Thanks to lots of help from lots of people (especially my rockstar Mom) our reception was perfect! It's a little nerve racking to see your vision finally come to life but I loved it all!

Tie the Knot fireplace. Every stinkin thing was handmade. It it wasn't navy or white, we made it navy or white! Crafting up the whazoo.

Life in DC board. (Secret: it's the bottom on a baby crib spray painted one million times. Thank you mother for picking it up off the side of the road. Literally.)
Peonies everywhere!
Lots and lots of cupcakes of course.

Summer BBQ, salad, fruit and lemonade slushy stand 

Our favors, chocolate covered cinnamon bears. And lots of them at that!

Who doesn't love a good train ride

 Best friends a couple can get.

Family party!

Let's be honest, the babies were the best part of the whole night.

Our wedding was a success thanks to my mom and kid sister Amers. 
Thank you thank you thank you!

This is basically what Blake and I did all night. Just smiled and laughed. 
And looked at the food we never got to touch.

Then it was off to the Waldorf-Astoria in Park City to kick off the honeymoon!
Hawaii extravaganza to come....

Monday, July 30, 2012

A quick stop

After our wedding luncheon we had a few hours to kill before our reception. We hoped in our rental car, Blake in his dashing navy suit and me in my white ruffly luncheon dress, and headed to grab some doughnuts. Can you blame us? Banbury Cross donuts in SL are amazing and we were craving some bad. Real bad. Also I needed a ginormous diet coke like ASAP. The teenage worker was super confused that we had gotten married two hours ago and yet we were there.

Driving up to our reception at the Garden Place, I spotted a new Lululemon store in Trolley Square. I knew the only way I'd ever get Blake to buy me a pair of $90 yoga pants was on a day like today. This was my chance.
We flipped around and I happily began shopping. The sales clerk kept glancing at me and finally asked "Um why are you so dressed up? It looks like you're in a wedding." I replied "Oh I just got married 3 hours ago" like that was totally normal. She freaked out and got so excited and announced it to the store. I was seriously hoping for some kind of bride discount but no such luck.

At least I got my doughnut.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tying the Knot

We made a Facebook album of a few (ok a hundred) of our favorite wedding day images and let me tell you it was hard to pick from 700. But here are a few of snipits of our big day.

June 19, 2012- her version.
I remember feeling mostly calm (well mostly tired) sitting at my 6 am hair appointment. My hair just got bigger and bigger as the appointment went on but Lorna did her magic and turned it into the perfect do. I kept looking down at the pajamas and sparkly shoes and thinking "This is the strangest outfit I have ever worn.....and I can't believe I'm getting married in 5 hours."
 I went home and got all ready. Blake was still asleep at this point. My house was chaotic and stuffed to the brim with family members. My grandma was insistently trying to get me to drink a glass of milk- some things never change. My mom and I slipped out the door and were on our way!

After meeting Blake at the Salt Lake Temple and being shuffled around by sweet old temple workers we were finally alone. We sat in a special room and just basically smiled at each other. We. Were. So. Excited.

We had such a beautiful ceremony. I loved walking into the room and seeing all our friends and family. I immediately started crying and basically didn't stop for the duration of the ceremony. Promises were made, hands were held and kisses were swapped.

More changing, more lipstick, more hugs and we were finally coming out the doors of the temple. I think it was the closest to feeling like a celebrity I'll ever get. It was awesome! We just beamed as our most favorite people all cheered and clapped for us.

I hadn't seen my baby sister Amy yet and she ran up to me and started crying. Then I started crying and getting mad at her for making me cry and ruin my makeup. We've been beside each other through a lot and I will miss our Sunday tradition of watching Little Women and painting our nails. Little sisters are the best.

We took a million pictures in a million different combinations. I don't remember much but just feeling so happy. Like happiness on a new level.

We had an awesome luncheon and Blake gave a wonderful speech at the end. He then turned the mic over to me and I simply smiled and said "thanks!" Ha I didn't feel like talking and hey I was the bride. 

Reception party to come! 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Since I changed my last name I thought I should change my blog too. Part of the this whole "sharing" thing right? Now its our blog...

Here are some of the highlights from our bridal shoot up Millcreek Canyon and at the Salt Lake LDS Temple.
This is before Blake had seen me in my dress. He was so anxious to turn around!
BAM! First look

All the details. I love peonies. And buttons. And headbands. And sparkly diamonds. And stripy flats. Not to mention Sperrys on men!

Bride and Groom. His tie looked smashing.

Should be double as fun now so dump the babycupcakesmakemecry because ruffles and oxfords are here to stay!

 [all images are from our lovely photographer Tracy Hill]