Monday, February 8, 2016


We found out we are having a little BOY! I was so surprised! All along I felt like we were having a girl but then I woke up the morning of our ultrasound and just "knew" it was a boy.
It was so fun to see his little body moving all over the place on the screen. It's still crazy to me that he is inside of me. It's a little weird and mostly awesome. The ultrasound tech told us I am measuring 5 days ahead and our boy is "very rambunctious". Oh heavens!

My appetite is back to normal but sadly for Blake, Chiptole does not sound good to me at allllll. It's probably for the best though with all the e coli stuff happening there. I also still can't stomach chili- bad memories from first trimester sickness.

I haven't had any crazy strong cravings but cold cereal like honey nut cheerios and mini marshmallows always sound SO good to me.

I slept 10 hours straight Friday night after a week of waking up every hour with hip pain/bathroom runs. I felt like I could rule the world Saturday so we tackled IKEA, Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby -without any meltdowns I might add. #winning.
 The only decorations so far in the nursery, his sonograms month by month :)