Friday, December 2, 2016

Teddy 5 months

We have had a fun month with Teddy Bear celebrating his first Thanksgiving! We flew to Seattle (this cross country flight did NOT go all well as the last :( ) to celebrate with the Behnkes. Teddy loved all of the attention, especially going on walks and matching with Grandpa!

This past month Teddy has learned to roll in both directions, sit by himself for a few seconds and transfer toys from hand to hand. He used to be such a good sleeper but has recently hit a rough patch. He continues to be happy and calm and rarely cries (unless we're on a cross country flight at bedtime....) He loves to pat your cheeks when you hold him and giggles when Blake plays airplane with him. He loves to sleep on his tummy and suck his pointer finger if he's really tired. He is suddenly very interested in food and attempts to grab whatever we are eating. I had a piece of a twizzler sticking out of my mouth and he swiped it and stuck it right in his mouth before I could stop him! So we will be starting solid foods this weekend! I can't believe he is big enough for that now. He thinks he can crawl and scoots his bum up in the air in an attempt to move forward but still stays put. It's pretty hilarious to watch him try so hard. After a long protest against the bottle, he drank a little for Blake while I snuck away to the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony! We are already having a blast celebrating this Christmas season, he is a big Michael Buble fan. We can't wait for Utah next week!!!

I went to a lecture by Gretchen Rubin a while ago and she said about motherhood, "The days are long but the years are short." I already feel this to be too true and am trying my hardest to soak up every moment with my baby boy. We hit 6 months so soon!!!