Sunday, November 25, 2012

T Give

To celebrate Thanksgiving, Blake and I headed up to Rochester, NY to see four little munchkins and my brother JR and sister in law Angie. We finally got to meet baby Everett and he is simply adorable.
Blake was a baby hog all weekend and mastered the "possum hold"- a very advanced baby hold.
The real highlight of the weekend was mastering the baby top knot. 
I think we should all be a little more grateful for top knots in our lives. 
 Sydney created a little salon for us girls and we had a nail polish party. It was pretty awesome.
Sydney dictated a book to JR all about horses. (She must be your soul mate Steph :)) 
It will probably be a best seller by next Thanksgiving. 
We continued the Faust tradition and made our annual ginger bread house. 
Every year we get more advanced, I mean check out those reindeer on the roof. Am I right?
There was a lot of playing dress up and reading books together
What little sweetie pies
It was Blake's first holiday as an uncle and it's safe 
to say he was a big hit and stole all of the attention.
Fine by me- I just hung out in the corner and ate all of the rolls, suckas!
A big thanks to Miss Angie for all of the yummy food and good times! We love you guys!

Blake and I have a lot to be grateful for this year including all of our newlywed adventures, my job, his school, oxfords, ruffles, instagram, twitter, our new families and looooove. Happy Thanksgiving!

Also JR performed surgery on both Blake's eye and my cheek on the living room floor. Scapel, gauze and magnified glasses and all! Goodbye cysts! So that was an exciting weekend wrap up. 
Thanks for the free medical care bro! 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Roosevelt Island

Before Blake starts ditching me for the library every night to study for finals, we are making the most of our weekends. We finally made it out to Roosevelt Island and it was beautiful! We went at dusk and the lighting was perfect. We walked around and enjoyed the last of the fall leaves. Although I am soooo excited for the holidays (yay Utah!) I am a little sad to see fall go. Nothing compares to DC in the fall.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

her october happy list.

Pumpkin frozen custard.
Dark purple nail polish.
Modern Family just keeeeps getting better folks!
Newly discovered show- Homeland. Claire Danes is intense
Hot bubble baths.
Seeing my nieces and nephews in 18 days!
2 days off of work! For free!
Craft nights with the girls.
Anthro headbands on sale.
Halloween Oreos. Am I right?
Old roommate dinners.
Trick or treating with my adorable kiddos at work. 
Starbucks gift cards.
Discovering a new (and better!) Target.
Pitch Perfect.
Getting my Christmas vacation time approved. Utah here we come!
Buying a TV for our bedroom. (It was a need)
PUFFY VEST! After searching in vain for weeks, the sweetness of a puffy vest is mine!
Blake's birthday celebrations!