Saturday, August 25, 2012

his august happy list

our new Westin Heavenly Bed... thank you Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
another trip to NYC, I could eat bagels every day
getting ready to return to law school by watching episodes of Suits
trips to Williams Sonoma and Crate and Barrel to spend our stash of gift cards :)
Kate Spade bed sheets from TJ Maxx, affordable and insanely soft
getting picked up at the metro station by the most beautiful wife
evening walks and fro-yo
trader joes snacks are the most delicious in the world
finishing the most fantastic internship at the U.S. Tax Court
starting my new externship with the I.R.S.
celebrating two months of marriage in style in the Big Apple
debating dog names with the LF on lazy weekend mornings

looking forward to a fabulous Fall with the wife and all of our dear DC friends... if you haven't come out to visit yet, think about getting a ticket :)

her august happy list

finally hanging pictures in our apartment (pictures to come...eventually)
finding my long lost Clinique chubby stick in a purse. 
overhearing Blake whistle a One Direction song in the shower. 
finding adorable non-frumpy work pants (job starts monday people!)
saturday morning walks to Target.
sleeping in the whole month of August....I will miss this.
fun dinners in Georgetown with friends.
banana pancakes.
jamming to this tune. and this tune. oh and this one.
pedicures with the girls.
poolside chats.
finally discovering a brand of greek yogurt I like after many taste tests. 
Jillian Michael kickboxing DVD.
buying the perfect chevron pillows for our couch.
clean white sheets.
taking the plunge and signing up for Birchbox. Hooray!
pink Nalgene water bottle filled with pebble ice.
the new fall trend of dark red nail polish.
discovering a new blog to read.
brunch at Eastern Market for Blue Buck pancakes.
actually cooking dinner for Blake.
Friday afternoon matinees.
the leaves will be changing soon, fall in DC is my faaaaav.

Happy August!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

NYC baby

Blake surprised me with a fun NYC weekend getaway at the end of July. We started the trip off right with a little visit to the donut gods aka Donut Plant
Oh. My. Heavens.
Krispie Kreme ain't got a thang on this place. 
Pure amazingness as shown by their wall display:
We ordered a pb and banana creme (pictured below), creme brule, blackout, carrot cake, 
and chocolate filled. Is that normal?
Then we spent the weekend scoring some Broadway tickets using some student 
discounts and finagling. Wahoo! Newsies and Jersey Boys were both incredible.
My little tour guide
Blake is a credit card points whiz so he scored a sweet suite for us including a view of the Chrysler Building. Man I love NYC. Thanks B!
Another high point included stumbling along a little street fair and eating 
the most incredible corn dog of my life.
 Blake can't understand my disgusting love for corn dogs...and thats why I'm friends with Skus.
Milan and other might cringe at this but Blake maaaade me wear "reasonable" "comfortable" walking shoes (probably a good idea considering we walked like 5 miles a day). But at least we were in neon and matching! Double win!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dinosaurs and puppies to the rescue!

I have a couple of weeks until my new job (!) starts so what better way to fill my days than baking up a storm? Sugar cookies were on my mind because I needed to try out a fun wedding gift.

Things started out just fine...

I got these "message cookie" cutters that let you create message and then stamp it into your dough. 
It was a little tricky but I figured it out soon enough...
I finally got my message to work. I heart Blake.
But then this happened.... total cookie fail!
Luckily the puppy and dinosaur cutters came to the rescue!
At the end of the day, my sugary craving was perfectly satisfied and I still heart Blake.