Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Teddy 14 months

Teddy has turned into a little chatterbox this month. Since returning from Utah, he follows me around all day just blabbering away. He now says "mama" all the time but if he really wants my attention he shouts "MOM!" at me like a full blown teenager. As we drive around in the car doing errands, Teddy shouts "Mom!" and I respond "yes?" he then proceeds to tell me a long story in jargon. He is starting to self feed and is getting pretty good as using a fork and spoon.

He can now identify his head, ear and eyes but nose is still so hard for us! He usually points to his mouth or eyes when you ask him where his nose is. He continues to be a good eater but can't decide if he wants to take one or two naps a day. Pup Pup is still his best little friend and he drags him all over the house.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Teddy 13 months

This has been such a fun month in Utah! Teddy has learned all sorts of new skills and tricks here. He can now crawl up and down the stairs by himself. He can point to his ear, tummy, nose and knee. He also sticks out his tongue when you ask. He claps his hands for himself when he knows he's done something cute. Grandma taught him something called his "sweet face" which is when he places his hand under his chin and smiles. Haha it's hilarious. He also learned to make a fish face and will do it on command. He had Great Grandma Siddoway laughing so hard she was crying one night at the dinner table.

He new food obsession is corn on the cob. He saw us eating corn one night and begged to hold one himself. I figured he would just roll it around or throw it but he immediately starting eating it! He can hold it up all by himself and eats almost the entire cob on his own. If he sees corn he immediately starts reaching and saying "uh uh uh" over and over until he can eat it.

He is talking a lot more and says "ball" and "dog" consistently. He has become obsessed with dogs in Utah and would go looking for dogs outside every morning with Grandma. Great Grandma Siddoway has helped him use a tiny fork to feed himself and he is so proud of himself whenever he does it correctly. Thankfully Great Grandma Siddoway also has an Amazon Echo because Teddy loves to boss "alexa" around all day. He points to it and just yells nonsense haha.

We had a great month celebrating the 4th of July at the Milcreek parade and Pioneer Day. We aslo took Teddy to Bear Lake for the first time and he loved it! There was so much space to run around, a fun playground, Raspberry Shakes and lots of cousin time- Teddy was in heaven. We missed being apart from Dad for so long but Teddy was spoiled with lots of attention and love.

Teddy (and I!) loved running errands with Great Grandma Siddoway and eating lunch together. She loves Teddy and just loved watching him play and run around the kitchen. Teddy has loved having a big backyard to run through the sprinklers, swing and throw his ball around. At night we hang out with Grandma in the fun basement with all the new exciting toys. Its been a great month and we're so sad to leave! But we're excited to see Blake again!