Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2016 Year in Review

0:  hours of sleep during the night this summer (#thanksteddy), hours of commuting for Blake (lucky duck can now walk to work!)
1:  C-section, BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY BORN, Georgetown certificate program completed (Stefi), new apartment, new ward
2:  new church callings, new parents!!!
3:  diaper bags now used (I have a purse problem), new recipes discovered
4:  year anniversary celebrated, days trapped inside during epic blizzard, batches of baby food made so far, new disappointing episodes of Gilmore Girls watched :(
5:  new podcasts discovered, baby showers thrown in our honor (#spoiledbaby), holidays celebrated with Teddy
6:  visits from family members, average number of times strangers stop us in grocery store to fawn over Teddy
7:  airplane rides with Teddy, work trips for Blake
8:  meals Stefi has cooked (hoping some things change in 2017 :S )
9: new books read, babies born this year in our old ward, big work projects (Blake)
10+:  hours of labor (more like 30 but who's counting.....), baby gear items purchased, blow outs, Cafe Rio take outs, diapers changed, baths given, hours snuggling, kissing and holding baby 

Safe to say 2016 has been our best year yet!