Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Trader Joes favorites

A few of my favorite blogs have recently posted their trader joes favorite lists. I love reading what gems people find at TJs (best grocery store next to wegmans) so I thought I'd add our list to the mix!

freeze-dried fruit
bags of apples- so cheap and a normal size, not gigantic 
reduced guilt chunky guacamole- put it on chicken, fajitas, pita chips, anything!

nonfat greek yogurt- black raspberry and coconut cream are my favorite!
reduced guilt string cheese

chocolate croissants- made with real butter and frozen into shape. All you have to do is proof at room temperature the night before. They'll be puffed up and ready to bake fresh in the morning!
chicken tiki masala paired with the naan
corndogs (don't judge)
mac and cheese (amazing!!!)

reduced guilt pita chips with sea salt
joe's O's 
kettle corn
whole wheat pretzels
popped potato chips

refrigerated pizza dough
handmade tortillas
pumpkin bagels (seasonal)

tomato and roasted red pepper soup 
various lemonades- perfect for parties
spices (21 seasoning salute)

smashing smores! best treat ever!
sea-salt dark chocolate-covered almonds 
chocolate lava cakes 
chocolate covered pb pretzels pillows
basically any other treat they sell

want to try: 
julienned root vegetables
kale quinoa salad kit
colored carrots

tell me if there are any gems I'm missing out on!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Amers came to town

Amy had spring break last week and was a feeling a little stir crazy. Blake generously donated some of his miles to fly her out last minute. I tried to pamper her with a good People magazine, chocolate, face mask and mini amenities in the hopes of bribing her to come back soon. Our air mattress had broken so I went to Costco to pick up another one before she flew in. It was some deluxe version with a headboard and everything! For the same price as our old one! Score! Now we had a very fancy guest bedroom ;)

Our main goal for the weekend was to find Ben and Jerry's Tonight Dough. Wawa, aka the best convenience store known to man, came through and we found some after searching a million grocery stores. Unfortunately we were heading back from Richmond and still half hour away from home when we found it. Sooo we just had to eat most all of it in the car driving home :) 

We spent the rest of the weekend shopping, watching shows and just chatting. It was the best! We also had to take her to Sugar Shack of course.

Sunday night we joined with some extended family out in Oakton for a delicious birthday/Easter dinner. It was great to catch up with everyone.

Your visit was too short Amers! Come back soon!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

march happy list

pretend house buying on real estate apps (also depressing given DC housing prices :S)
a sunny Seattle trip a few weeks back
2 snow days!
House of Cards marathon
planning our Primary's Easter egg hunt. I love holidays!
bright lipstick for spring
finally finding the Tonight Dough. Best. Ice cream. Ever.
putting my parka in storage
stalking this purse online praying it goes on sale someday
buying $80 tickets to Utah for next month- score!
spring sunrises/sunsets
buying matching sunglasses with my Mom, Amy and Angie
a surprise donut tee shirt- thanks Blake!
buying mistake fare tickets to visit Beijing over Memorial Day...more on that later
Amy's spontaneous spring break visit...more on that later too!

yay for spring!