Friday, July 19, 2013

Pick me up doughnut

I really don't recommend having a spouse study for the Bar. It makes for a kinda lame summer. I just really like hanging out with Blake and while watching a million episodes of Parenthood was fun, I'm excited to get him back soon. I'm proud of Blake's hard work and know he'll rock the test in a little over a week. The end is in sight!

Blake could tell I needed a little pick me up after a long week so he woke me up Saturday morning with an instagram pic of a beautiful doughnut. He asked me if I wanted to go on a little city adventure to find such a doughnut. What a gem. I bolted out of bed and we were on our way!
We headed to Astro Doughnuts in the city- the city is sooo dead on the weekend, esp Saturday morning. It's weird. On this glorious day Astro had the flavors: maple bacon, creme brule, salted caramel chocolate, lemon bluberry, pb&j, glazed and BIRTHDAY CAKE!
We decided to skip out of the fried chicken. It was 9 am after all.
I happily ordered my birthday cake and Blake got salted caramel chocolate.
I think we know who made the better decision.
I'm always partial to a yeast (vs. cake) doughnut and this one was out.of.control good.
I mean it's hard to go wrong with chocolate, sprinkles and frosting.

Here's to one more blasted week of studying!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A DC hot spot. Literally.

A definite DC highlight is Eastern Market. I love a good open air market and food. So win win. We figured getting up before 9 on a Saturday would ensure we would beat the heat and humidity....boy were we wrong. But we still had fun eating delicious food and coveting all the cute jewelry (me) and antique maps (Blake). 
 This gruff crepe man kinda totally scares me but he makes a mean eggs and cheese crepe. 
Hot fresh powder sugary deliciousness in doughnut form.

 No one else wanted to brave the early morning heat on a Saturday apparently. 
 Then we bought delicious peaches to round out the sugar fest.
Alls well that ends well. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

We love America!

Just like any good American family, we love the 4th of July around the Behnke household. Last year we stayed at the Park Hyatt in the city to kick off the holiday so we kept the tradition going this year. Blake loves a good hotel and I can't complain either. Park Hyatt does it right. Thank you points!
Entry to our suite
Random room no one ever uses
Best sheets in the world
Man I LOOOVE a good bath. And this one takes the cake. Heaven.

We had a delicious dinner in the hotel with our friends Ben and Holly at the Blue Duck Tavern.
And then we played lots of Candy Crush and watched cable TV. Livin the life!

Unlike Blake, I possess the talent to sleep in. Poor kid woke up at 6 am. (?!?)
After patiently waiting for me to wake up (thank you black out curtains) we headed 
down for breakfast at Blue Duck. 
Shortbread strawberry french toast anyone?

After working off the breakfast (double points for working out on a holiday, right?), we 
headed to the indoor pool. Let's be honest, indoor pools are just kinda weird.
We didn't stay long.

When you get married, you get to teach each other stuff. And I have now properly taught Blake to appreciate a good slurpee. It's all about the layering.
How can you celebrate the 4th without a slurpee? It would just be unamerican frankly. 

I made treats to take to the firework show. Muddy Buddies. 
Again, so American. And also a Behnke favorite. 
Our friends Holly and Ben picked us up and even dropped us off to save seats at 
the Air Force Memorial. For the win! 
Hope you all had a great 4th of July! Go America!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Gravelly Point

As fun as studying for the Bar exam is... I decided Blake needed a little break. We grabbed some Jimmy Johns (yum) sandwiches and headed to Gravelly Point for a picnic. Gravelly Point is this great little park along the water that is super close to National airport, so the planes land/take off riiiight above your head. Basically it's every kids ones dream.
It. Is. Awesome.

 The bugs were out in full force but the beautiful sunset more than made up for that. 
It was such a nice break from studying and the perfect summer night. 

And here's to a great 4th of July! 
Go America (insert emoji flag)