Saturday, April 27, 2013

Biggest Loser Faust Family Style

My whole family has started a Biggest Loser challenge to win some $$$$ in the bank. Sooo Blake just decided one day to start waking up at 5:30 (!?!) to go workout with his buddy. I'll admit I didn't think he could keep it up for very long (sorry dear) but he's going strong on 3 weeks now! The even crazier part is he now has me waking up that early too! This is probably Blake's most impressive quality as a husband so far, no one has succeed at motivating me to be an early riser. So I have some early morning appointments with Jillian Michaels every morning. She is kicking my trash!

While it is exciting to see improvements and changes physically, mostly 
I just want to buy new clothes :) And I'm pretty intent on scoring some new Lululemon 
gear so you better watch out fam!

First I need to finish my last stash of Cadbury mini eggs though :S

I'll let you know who wins. We all know it will probably be me my mom. We all talk a lot of trash to each other but she just remains silent while secretly running at the gym for hours. And she will probably spend all her winnings on the grandkids..... Dang Barb ;)

Sunday, April 14, 2013


If you ever wake me up at 6am and ask me to go somewhere- the answer will always be no.

Case in point: Last weekend sweet Blake tried to plan a fun sunrise adventure to go see the beautiful cherry blossoms in the district. He set the alarm for 6 am, bounced out of bed ready to go and attempted to wake me up. While I laid there groggy and confused, Blake excitedly told me about his surprise plans. I was silent and then asked "How mad will you be if we didn't go?" Blake of course said that was fine and we both quickly fell asleep.
Or so I thought.
Blake actually got up and worked, he doesn't possess the talent of being able to roll over and go back to bed like I do ;) I woke up a good 3 hours later and we headed out for a walk before Conference. I commented on the nice weather and how we should go see the blossoms soon. Blake reminded me of his attempt this morning, something I did not remember I could tell he was little disappointed so I advised him next time just to drag me out of bed and carry me to the car. I'll wake up eventually.

(I went to see the blossoms with some friends a couple days later while he had class. I texted him a pictures of the pretty pink stuff....almost the same right?)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A weekend of wonders and donuts

I had work off for Good Friday (whoo hoo!) and Blake just loves to cash in his Hyatt points so we headed south for Williamsburg, VA via slight detour to my favorite town SHORT PUMP, VA! This place is a gem. It has Hobby Lobby, Target, a beautiful mall, and SONIC! Also my favorite restaurant Firebirds (think BBQ chicken sandwich with sweet potato waffle fries). So needless to say I was pretty pumped for Easter weekend. Also I love loved love road trips. Snacks, good music and the right ratio of talking/silence/singing is a must. But that's a separate post entirely.
Slowly converting Blake to vanilla Diet Coke. YES!
 Saturday we woke up and headed straight to Dixie Donuts for delicious cake donuts. I'm normally not a cake donut girl but theses ones are incredible. We taste tested the oreo, Samoa (my fav), Vodo dark choc cinnamon, dolce de leche, and old fashion. 

While we were eating outside, we overhead people talk about another bakery with better donuts. So obviously we immmediately asked them where to find these so called amazing donuts. We got directions and drove immediately there with our Dixie Donuts in hand. I love my husband. This is my kind of adventure!

And let's just say the old school 1960s Westhamptom Pastry Shop makes the best donuts known to man. Yeast donuts will always kick cake donuts butt. And these donuts are the king of donuts!

Heaven in a box.

We toured Richmond University's campus. We had a great time riding bikes around the beautiful lake on campus (what!?!) and pretending BYU is this pretty. (pics to come once I steal them from Blake's phone)

One of our goals is to visit every TJ Maxx/Marshalls that is within 50 miles of where ever we go. The Fausts really love TJ Maxx. So we went to 3 TJ Maxx stores and had a grand time. We stopped off at the capitol in Richmond on our way home. Then we watched March Madness all night. I'm so into it this year and get so nervous during every game!

On Sunday we planned to visit Williamsburg, the whole point of the trip. But we woke up to pouring rain soooooo we headed home to go to church. Then I made Blake close his eyes while I hid his candy in the living room. What a good sport.

This post was really focused on donuts, but what can ya do. It was a great weekend! And Happy post-Easter week!