Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to survive a hurricane

Cancel school and work for 2 days and proceed as follows:

We were quite pleased with how we fared during Hurricane Sandy. 
We were very fortunate to keep our power/water/sanity. 
We enjoyed our little hurri-cation together and are sending happy thoughts and prayers to those affected.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Too wet to blog

We are having a grand ole time trying to keep dry, eat all our snacks and cuddle up watching movies. Hooray for electricity and no work! Hurricane party for 2 please.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Blake!


Being married to you has made me so happy.
Thanks for doing most all of the cooking and most all of the laundry.
You are so hardworking, loving and hilarious.
I'm lucky to be your Mrs!

Thanks for always making me the best diet cokes, singing along to the radio with me, letting me cry during Greys, supporting me in my new job and loving me for all my weirdness.

We have had so many adventures and I can't wait for more to come!

All my love,
your wifey

P.S. I expressed shipped your walker to come this week you ooooold man :) 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My favorite two year old

Meet Baby Anne.
She is beloved in our family. 
She is a hilarious chatty child genius.
And she is scared  terrified  mortified of Blake.

We were thinking hoping praying it would wear off with time...but no
this giant bearded man just makes this little one shrink in fear.
Even FaceTime is a petrifying experience for little blondie as documented in the picture below....

It really is hilarious sad because Blake just looooooves her so much and tries 
incredibly hard to get her to like him.
But it's just not happening.
Poor Uncle Blake.

Once I kicked Blake off of FaceTime, Anne started chatting away to her favorite aunt.
My favorite little phrases include (keep in mind she is two. Two I tell you!)

Me: "What's your name?"
Anne: "Pablo color crew"
[excuse me!?!?!]

Me: "Hey Anne what does ignition mean?" (her mom told me to ask her)
Anne: "START!"

Me: "What are you going to be for Halloween?"
Anne: "A doggie! I want one candy from the neighbors. No...TWO candies! 
I love Halloween cause I get caaaaaandy"

Me: "Is it cold?"
Anne: "Yes it's autumn time. Autumn says it's cold outside"

She then proceeded to teach me baby sign language. Like over 50 signs...

Too bad Blake had to sit across the room because 
I'm now fluent in sign language thanks to a two year old.
But for reals. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Columbus [Donut] Day

Blake planned a fun trip down to Richmond, VA to celebrate Columbus Day. 
Hooray for government holidays!
 It started raining as we pulled away and I was in heaven wrapped up in a blanket with gas station hot choc driving in the country. Add a little Conference on the radio and it was perfect. 
First stop was DIXIE DONUTS.
It was such as adorable little donut shop with the coolest flavors 
(like french toast, peach cobbler, pumpkin cream cheese!)
And sprinkles galore!
Somehow we got talked into buying a dozen....weird.
Blake loved the Salted Carmel and I loved the pumpkin glazed. 
And the raspberry. And the peach. And the chocolate. And the sprinkles.... :)
Then we grabbed lunch in the adorable town. 
It reminded me of Stars Hollow 
We shopped around the little town and found an amazing store- Need Supply
Hipster central

The sweater I loved was $ it was a quick look around but still a fun store
We stayed the night in Short Pump, VA and it is the hidden gem of Virginia let me tell ya. 
Our hotel was attached to the mall (genius!) with a J Crew neeeext door and 
Blake took me out for a  steak dinner. Score!
I got to read my kindle in bed and then eat donuts again for breakfast. 
Preeetty solid Columbus Day for the Behnkes. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Treat swap partyyy

While the boys were away at the Priesthood Session of Conference, I held a little treat swap party for some girls in our new married (still weird) ward. It was so fun to meet new friends and have an excuse to bake something pumpkin-y

My contribution involved pumpkin cheesecakes with an oreo crust, carmel and a pumpkin kiss to top it all off!

Sydney had the brilliant idea to paint some platters with chalkboard 
paint so we could decorate the platters. Craft queen in the house!

All the girls made suuuch yummy treats and it made for a beautiful spread

Thanks for such a great night ladies!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Adventure Day!

With the humidity finally gone and the beautiful fall weather, an adventure day was a must last weekend.
Blake planned a great hike around Great Falls, VA. It wasn't a strenuous mountain hike like Utah 
has to offer but rather a nature walk of sorts. But we wore workout clothes to make it feel more
 intense so it all worked out in the end.
The best part of hiking is when you run into the same couple every turn you take. 
There is basically one path and nature is hard to come by in DC so it was pretty crowded. 

"Hi good morning".....
"Oh hi again".... 
"Hahah hiiiii".....

Blake gave me the clue "horses" for what part II of the adventure held in store.
After driving to a random town in Maryland, we stopped off at Glen Echo Park.
It's a preserved amusement park from the 1940s and it is basically 
Stars Hallow meets Singing in the Rain.
aka Heaven.

They hold random creepy puppet show for kids and community music lessons.

Best part? Working carousel from 1921. 
One of the oldest in the U S of A.
For the win!

Blake and I were the first people in line and the oldest :)
It was the perfect fall afternoon and was promptly topped off with some 
bubble gum icecream in Georgetown.
Guess we really are still kids.

Monday, October 1, 2012

her september happy list

finally getting a hang of this whole 'career' thing
Blake's deeeelicious homemade pizza. Best thing ever
the humidity leaving DC. Hooray!
discovering the beauty of steel cut oats. Goodbye oatmeal.
surprise adorable grey striped rug as a late wedding gift.
watching Friends reruns in between crisp clean white sheets
sporting dark nail polish
making new couple friends in our ward.
my favorite shows returning. Hellllo Greys, Revenge, Good Wife and Park and Rec
my bro in law getting an iPhone so we can FaceTime baby Anne! Yay! 
new red birthday purse. What a beaut, thanks Momma.
adventure day with Blake (more to come)
a fun surprise birthday dinner with my close pals. 
[not to mention the Nutella Calzone that was a must have]
Target loafers. Enough said. 
turning 25! and feeling so loved! thanks everyone!