Saturday, August 25, 2012

her august happy list

finally hanging pictures in our apartment (pictures to come...eventually)
finding my long lost Clinique chubby stick in a purse. 
overhearing Blake whistle a One Direction song in the shower. 
finding adorable non-frumpy work pants (job starts monday people!)
saturday morning walks to Target.
sleeping in the whole month of August....I will miss this.
fun dinners in Georgetown with friends.
banana pancakes.
jamming to this tune. and this tune. oh and this one.
pedicures with the girls.
poolside chats.
finally discovering a brand of greek yogurt I like after many taste tests. 
Jillian Michael kickboxing DVD.
buying the perfect chevron pillows for our couch.
clean white sheets.
taking the plunge and signing up for Birchbox. Hooray!
pink Nalgene water bottle filled with pebble ice.
the new fall trend of dark red nail polish.
discovering a new blog to read.
brunch at Eastern Market for Blue Buck pancakes.
actually cooking dinner for Blake.
Friday afternoon matinees.
the leaves will be changing soon, fall in DC is my faaaaav.

Happy August!

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  1. please tell me what the brand of greek yogurt is. I REALLY want to like it... but it always makes me gag. i need to try your brand