Thursday, November 1, 2012

her october happy list.

Pumpkin frozen custard.
Dark purple nail polish.
Modern Family just keeeeps getting better folks!
Newly discovered show- Homeland. Claire Danes is intense
Hot bubble baths.
Seeing my nieces and nephews in 18 days!
2 days off of work! For free!
Craft nights with the girls.
Anthro headbands on sale.
Halloween Oreos. Am I right?
Old roommate dinners.
Trick or treating with my adorable kiddos at work. 
Starbucks gift cards.
Discovering a new (and better!) Target.
Pitch Perfect.
Getting my Christmas vacation time approved. Utah here we come!
Buying a TV for our bedroom. (It was a need)
PUFFY VEST! After searching in vain for weeks, the sweetness of a puffy vest is mine!
Blake's birthday celebrations!

1 comment:

  1. i want to see a pic of this vest. I love a good puffy vest.