Sunday, December 2, 2012

DIY Headbands

It's no secret that I am in love obsessed with headbands. My collection continues to grow much to Blake's dismay. I think it's pretty fair that my headbands take up an entire shelf in our only storage closet though right??
I stumbled across some adorable ribbon headbands at Anthropologie and lucky for me (and unlucky for Blake) they were on sale! Away went 4 beautiful headbands tucked alongside their friends in my closet. 

After I wore these little suckers a couple of times though I realized they were honestly just ribbon. Adorable ribbon but still just ribbon all the same. Hmp. Anthropologie you got me again! 
Anthropologie. 4 for $15 (on sale for $6)
But wait! Don't be discouraged! My cute friend Chelsea showed me a website where you can buy the e.x.a.c.t same ribbon suuuper cheap. Like we're talking $.50 a I just logged right onto that website and ordered 40 yards. That seemed like a reasonable number at the time.

I bought the fold over elastic and the glitter 5/8th inch elastic. Just FYI one yard makes about 2 headbands or 4 hair ties.  
You simply measure out your ribbon, chop it and tie it! So simple. Tip: Paint the ends with clear nail polish to prevent fraying. 
Then I stored them in some tins from Pick Your Plum- another wonderful craft website.
I knew my sheep skin rug was the perfect back drop for these!
Don't worry they look cuter in person

I made about 20 for myself. Yep 20. And then I had about 20 left over for gifts.
All in all for $15 I made about 40 headbands.

Can't beat the math here. 40 > 4 so take that Anthropologie!

Consider this my gift to all of you- Merry Christmas! And a big thanks to Chelsea for showing me the website!

[P.S. If some of you get these for Christmas from me... just act surprised :) ]