Sunday, April 14, 2013


If you ever wake me up at 6am and ask me to go somewhere- the answer will always be no.

Case in point: Last weekend sweet Blake tried to plan a fun sunrise adventure to go see the beautiful cherry blossoms in the district. He set the alarm for 6 am, bounced out of bed ready to go and attempted to wake me up. While I laid there groggy and confused, Blake excitedly told me about his surprise plans. I was silent and then asked "How mad will you be if we didn't go?" Blake of course said that was fine and we both quickly fell asleep.
Or so I thought.
Blake actually got up and worked, he doesn't possess the talent of being able to roll over and go back to bed like I do ;) I woke up a good 3 hours later and we headed out for a walk before Conference. I commented on the nice weather and how we should go see the blossoms soon. Blake reminded me of his attempt this morning, something I did not remember I could tell he was little disappointed so I advised him next time just to drag me out of bed and carry me to the car. I'll wake up eventually.

(I went to see the blossoms with some friends a couple days later while he had class. I texted him a pictures of the pretty pink stuff....almost the same right?)


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  2. hahah i can totally picture this whole thing. Blake, don't feel bad. It was a good attempt. Stefi can be crazy when she's tired ;)

  3. If MY wife wouldn't go with me to see the cherry blossoms, then went with friends AND she didn't invite me, I would have a #husbandfail for a few weeks. Especially #inbedroomactivities.