Wednesday, June 19, 2013

One year down!

One year ago today we tied the knot! 
June 19, 2012 was a happy happy day and I've had lots of happy days since then.
I love our smiles in this. So happy! 

Dear Blake,
Happy Anniversary! 
Life with you is always an adventure and I love it! 
Thank you for understanding when I need a Diet Coke and a hug after a long day. 
Thank you for making me mix tape CDs for my commute to work. 
Thank you for being the responsible adult and paying our bills :)
Thank you for making the world's best pizza.
Thank for reaching stuff for me on the top shelf.
Thank you for supporting my purse and nail polish addiction.
Thank you for playing Candy Crush with me at night.
Thank you for always being up for a slurpee/target/costco run.
Thank you for letting my buy crap from the dollar isle for my kiddos at work.
Thank you for always being on trash duty.
Thank you for letting me wear yoga pants on all our errands.
Thank you for being the perfect husband for me! 
I love your smiley happy eyes
I love your awesome white boy dance moves
I love your adventurous spirit
I love your obsession with points and travel
I love how you "shhh" me during sacrament meeting and remind me to be reverent
I love your jagged nails that constantly scratch me. Ok not really. 
I love all the lists and plans you make
I love your generosity towards others
I love your hard work and dedication while studying for the stupid Bar exam
I love your sense of humor and loyalty
I love your love for God and your family 
I just love you!
One year down and we still got it! 
Thanks for the best year yet!

Here's to lookin' at you kid.



  1. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you had a great first year, wishing you an eternity of wonderful years to come!

  2. Yeah! Except for the nail part. Josh has that too. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Susan has gross feet. She tries to rub them all over my body. It's disgusting!