Tuesday, October 15, 2013

my new happy place

Blake and I (plus our sidekick Foxtrot) took a little fall drive into the country yesterday. I love DC but miss nature being so close like it is in Utah. We had an itch to see some fall leaves and I neeeded to try an apple cider donut asap so we went on an adventure to Winchester, VA- aka my new happy place. (move over Target!)

We hit up Marker Mill Orchards first and this place was beyond charming. Blake had to ask me multiple times to please stop screeching with excitement. I didnt.

Next we went antiquing to find some little treasures. I passed up on an extra large vintage blue mason jar trying to "save money"....Then I made the boys go back 2 hours later because I couldn't stop thinking about it. At least I tried. And now it sits proudly in my bookcase :)

The Snow White Grill was closed (What a name! And I was looking forward to a corn dog real bad) so we settled for some Mexican food and homemade ice cream.
Oh and we stopped at Sonic. Twice.
Not a bad Monday. 

Winchester I'll be back for you!

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  1. Our Winchester trips never involved APPLE CIDER DONUTS! Wow. I suddenly feel like a Winchester newbie. But so glad you guys liked it!