Monday, February 23, 2015

February happy list

[My happy list is shorter this month because all I reeeallly remember from this month is being sick. :S I guess being consistently sick in the winter is the downfall of working with toddlers]

Just an idea but I want to start a book club and the though alone makes me happy. Whos in???

A fun Valentines day. We celebrated the weekend after and Blake surprised me with chocolate covered strawberries that I forgot I requested :)

Finishing two great books- The Storyteller and Wonder

Sugar Shack opening!

I finally got an Arvo watch. Our good friend started the company and I've wanted one forever! Thanks Blake :)

Sara and Will visiting 

The Oscars. I loved award show season. All the dresses! (heart eye emoji)

We are heading to Seattle this weekend! I've never been so excited for rain and grey skies. At least the temperature will be above 30 degrees! 

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