Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Trader Joes favorites

A few of my favorite blogs have recently posted their trader joes favorite lists. I love reading what gems people find at TJs (best grocery store next to wegmans) so I thought I'd add our list to the mix!

freeze-dried fruit
bags of apples- so cheap and a normal size, not gigantic 
reduced guilt chunky guacamole- put it on chicken, fajitas, pita chips, anything!

nonfat greek yogurt- black raspberry and coconut cream are my favorite!
reduced guilt string cheese

chocolate croissants- made with real butter and frozen into shape. All you have to do is proof at room temperature the night before. They'll be puffed up and ready to bake fresh in the morning!
chicken tiki masala paired with the naan
corndogs (don't judge)
mac and cheese (amazing!!!)

reduced guilt pita chips with sea salt
joe's O's 
kettle corn
whole wheat pretzels
popped potato chips

refrigerated pizza dough
handmade tortillas
pumpkin bagels (seasonal)

tomato and roasted red pepper soup 
various lemonades- perfect for parties
spices (21 seasoning salute)

smashing smores! best treat ever!
sea-salt dark chocolate-covered almonds 
chocolate lava cakes 
chocolate covered pb pretzels pillows
basically any other treat they sell

want to try: 
julienned root vegetables
kale quinoa salad kit
colored carrots

tell me if there are any gems I'm missing out on!


  1. Oh yum, lots to love and try out! Here's my top 3 to try: Reduced guilt chunky guacamole, frozen chocolate croissants, and sea salt dark chocolate covered almonds (have you come over to the dark side?)!

  2. So many good things. I'm OBSESSED with the Cookies and Cream Cookie Butter. And the dried mangos. I can't go in there for fear of coming out with $1000 worth of food I don't need and 1000 extra daily calories my chubby tummy doesn't need...

  3. I love the veggies straws! They're kind of like chips but maybe a little healthier? So good. And I love that they sell Orangina. It's kind of my weakness.

  4. Yes, yes yes.

    Adding to your list:

    Dark Chocolate Crisps- they are chocolate wafers shaped like pringles and have little crunchie bits in them. They are a good portion control, help me not eat my weight in chocolate. They also look amazing as garnishes in fancy desserts (on top of cuppies, to the side of a scoop of ice cream, etc).

    Another favorite is the bottled enchilada sauce. It tastes like what enchilada sauce in CA restaurants serve. Which it is impossible to find good mex (besides the occasional taco) in NoVa.

    Also, the Caramelized Onion Dip (pre made in the fridge section, not the powder mix) is so addictive. I buy the reduced guilt kettle chips to dip with (which I prefer to their regular kettle chips, I think the RG are crisper).

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