Monday, June 8, 2015

Flight to Beijing

The flight to Beijing was AMAZING! We felt so spoiled and pampered. Normally these first class tickets run thousands of dollars so paying our killer deal of $400 made it all possible. The flight attendants were so nice and fun. They were on the same return flight with us Monday and could not believe our short trip- they thought we were CRAZY haha.

They feed you a fun 4 course dinner. Our chairs swiveled so we could face each other and eat. It was so fun! We had to turn down the free champagne though #mormonprobs
Granted the food is still airline food but we got ice cream sundaes for dessert. #fancy
They give you free pjs to sleep in and a sweet amenity kit with eye mask, slippers, socks, lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. Blake was a good sport and tried not to act too embarrassed when I made him take pictures of everything.

Blake and I both slept great! We both slept about 7 hours and watched movies on our personal TVs. Sleeping so much definitely helped with the jet lag.

It was such a fun flight I was almost sad when it ended. 15 hours flew by!
We landed on Saturday night and headed to our hotel. We stayed up for a couple hours then headed to bed for our full day tour the next day.

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