Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2015 year in review

0:  Pinterest recipe fails (yay!), baby clothes purchased so far (I do have some self control)
1:  pregnancy announcement, new state visited, pen conventions attended (yes you read that right), new country visited, Georgetown certificate program started (Stefi), promotion (Blake)
2:  sunburns (Blake), snow days off of work, number of baby kicks felt so far, sonograms, new China visas
3:  year anniversary celebrated, new church calling, diaper bags kept
4:  diaper bags purchased, new Pinterest recipe successes
5:  new books read, weekends babysitting little Mike
6:  new fountain pens purchased, dinner parties held, sand castles built
7:  unsolicited belly rubs
8:  hours spent jumping ocean waves in Cali
9:  groups of Asian tourists begging for a picture with us
10+:  hours researching strollers and gliders, flights taken, Target runs, hours spent sick on couch for Stefi (worth it!)

Here we go 2016!

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