Friday, June 10, 2016

Final Countdown!

I hit 39 weeks today and I'm feeling like this pregnancy has flown by (for the most part!). Part of me is going to miss being pregnant as surprising as that sounds (especially to Blake who has had to hear me moan about my symptoms the past few weeks). For the most part I have had a healthy and easy pregnancy and for that I'm very grateful. It is so crazy and amazing to me that my body is able to grow a perfect little human.  I wanted to be sure to jot down a few final pregnancy memories before this boy makes his appearance (hopefully SOON! As great as pregnancy is, I'm ready for it be over. Blake has been extra sweet and patient as I've been extra ornery the last few weeks).

Things I'm going to miss about being pregnant:
-Blake feeling the baby kick at night
-people being excited for you. strangers say the nicest things to you (I've gotten annoying comments too but Im trying harder to ignore those, especially in the last few weeks).
-feeling the baby's movements throughout the day
-dreaming about what he'll look like
-stomach rubs. I've been lucky to not have any strangers touch my belly! I love when family and friends touch my stomach.
-maternity clothes. I love maternity clothes! stretchy pants and dresses? yes please!
-people offering you food, a seat, etc. the special treatment is nice!
-prenatal yoga! its been one of the most fun parts about pregnancy. I had the best class and instructor and loved going every week. 

Things I won't miss about being pregnant:
-crazy swollen feet and ankles....ouch!
-hip pain
-restless sleep
-overall feeling like a large whale unable to move easily lol
-feeling like you can't ever take a big deep breath
-not drinking Diet Coke. I know you can drink some while pregnant but it's easier for me to go cold turkey. It's been a long 9 months without it and I told Blake to get me an IV of it as soon as I deliver :)

My cravings:
1st trimester: no real appetite but ginger ale and white bread always sounded good
2nd trimester: orange juice and cold cereal- especially cheerios. and chick fil- a ;)
3rd trimester: cold grapes, cold watermelon,cheeseburgers, cold slushy drinks like slurpees, frozen lemonade, etc.

Baby boy loves to kick at night. As soon as I lay down to sleep at night he kicks like crazy which Blake loves to feel. I love falling asleep with Blake's arm wrapped around my tummy and baby boy kicking away letting us know he's ok. Over the past month he's been kicking so hard that it makes my stomach move enough for Blake to see from across the couch. My stomach looks like a roller coaster sometimes!

He has dropped super low and I have lots of pelvic pain and pressure which I'm taking as an encouraging sign that labor is just around the corner. No one can fully prepare you for how LONG the last month of pregnancy is. It's mentally been the hardest part of pregnancy by far. I'm so ready to fit into normal shoes (I literally only fit into my birkenstocks) and not have tree trunks for legs.

He currently weighs 8.8 lbs (yes I know....yikes) so we are really really hoping he makes his debut soon. We are ready for you baby boy! Thank you to everyone for all of your love, excitement and support. We are so grateful! Some snap shots of my ever growing belly....


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  1. Almost here! We're so excited. Just knew the early morning call this week was you guys, but no, it was the sub coordinator.