Saturday, July 23, 2016

Teddy 1 month

At one month Teddy is sweet, calm and alert. He is a good sleeper, sleeping in two 5 hour stretches most nights. He has been a good eater from day one and is continuing to nurse well, making my job easier! He tolerates tummy time but it's definitely not his favorite. He never really cries but makes a funny squaking noise to let us know he's awake and wants to be held. He looooves to be swaddled and rocked. He will be passed out in your arms but as soon as you lay him in his crib, his eyes pop WIDE open. He makes the funniest growling sound when he's nursing and really hungry, prompting a very fitting nick name "bear cub". He is liking bath time more and more and makes me want to buy every hooded animal towel in the world.  He is growing out of the sleepy newborn phase and is starting to notice things around him like our faces and picture books we read to him. 
Basically he's the best baby ever ;) 

Happy 1 month Teddy! Can't imagine life without you!

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