Monday, June 26, 2017

Teddy 12 months

ONE YEAR! It's crazy to think one year ago Teddy entered our lives forever. It has been the best year of our lives and we feel so blessed to be parents of such a sweet, funny, patient, relaxed and smart baby.

Aunt Amy flew into DC a few weeks before Teddy's birthday and we had a blast seeing the sights, playing with Teddy, shopping and eating yummy food. Teddy ADORES Aunt Amy and would always reach for her when I was holding him. They have a special bond and we loved our 2 weeks with Aunt Amy- not to mention her help on the plan flying out to Utah.

Teddy is 100% personality all of the time. He is a charmer now and knows when he is being adorable. Babyhood is long gone and he is a little tot now. He continues to love swimming and water play and has no fear. He loves to pretend to feed himself and feed others from empty spoons and cups. He gained 2 more teeth this month on the top. He is such a good eater and loves all food except sauces like ketchup and fry sauce. He has loved discovered bacon, watermelon and pizza this month.

Aunt Amy taught him his first body part and he can now point to his knee when you ask. He is babbling much much more and is chatting our ears off all day. He still naps twice a day and takes forever to fall asleep in his crib, just chatting and rolling around for about 20 minutes.

We had a fun "party animal" theme birthday party for Teddy with some of our friends here in VA. I had a blast making decorations, favors and food. The hit of the party was the Italian Soda Bar! Teddy dug right into his giant cupcake and ate a good portion of it. He just kept eating and eating haha. He is a social butterfly and loved celebrating with all his friends.

Happy Birthday to our sweet Teddy Bear! We couldn't love you more!