Saturday, September 23, 2017

Teddy 15 months

Teddy learned lots of new words this month which has been so fun! He now says mama, dada, all done, bye bye, hi, ball, dog, ma (for grandma), Ada (for Amy), bubble, cheese, moo, and shoe. He also signs for more and please all the time. He has this new word "doot doot" that we don't know what it means. He seems to say it most while we're driving and a big truck/bus/work vehicle drives by but who knows.

He continues to be our little bookworm and I still find him in his room reading books to himself. He completed our library program challenge of reading 1,000 books before kindergarten! He would happily read books for an hour on my lap in our chair. Without nursing our new naptime/bedtime routine is climb into sleep sack, put Pup Pup on one shoulder and our white lovey on the other shoulder, drink some milk while we read books. We then sing some songs, say prayers and Teddy falls asleep on his own in his crib. Some of Teddy's favorite lullabyes are Sweet Baby James, Where You Lead, Here Comes the Sandman, I Am Like A Star and Child's Prayer.

He has gotten really into brushing his teeth this month and loves to do it himself. He also wants to walk up and down stairs instead of crawling. He has (finally!) learned to hold onto my hand while we're walking so I don't have to carry him so much. Teddy has two new teeth this month and still a great eater! He is officially a one nap kiddo so afternoons before Blake gets home can get interesting ;)

We love you Teddy Bear!

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