Friday, September 14, 2012

A funny story about living with stefi

It's crazy to think that we have been married for almost three months now.  It has been a very busy few months.  After our idyllic honeymoon in Kauai, we returned to our busy lives in DC.  I woke up early each morning for my internship at the Tax Court while Stefi started her day a little later ;)  Stefi spent her days studying for her last certification exam and looking for jobs.  

For all of the family members and roommates out there you already know this, but Stef is not exactly a morning person.  I pop out of bed with a smile in my face and a song on my lips.  Not so much for the better looking half of this marriage.  Anyhow, every morning during the summer I would shower and get dressed and then come back in to give Stefi a kiss before I left for work.  Oftentimes she would sleepily whisper, "I love you, have a great day."  Somedays she was too tired to talk back and instead would hold up one hand with the sign language symbol for "I love you."  My favorite memory of our first married summer is leaving in the morning and telling Stefi I love her, only to see a single hand pop up from the sheets signing I love you too.

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  1. Ha! Love it. I had a roommate that used to do that. Though I wasn't giving her a kiss on the way out. I can only imagine that a spouse doing it is 100 times better. :)