Saturday, September 15, 2012


I have a strange attachment to strange things. I remember my first cell phone, it was a brick Nokia phone with a blue screen and snake was the only game I could play. I even decked it out with sweet phone cases (the plastic kind you snap on) from the mall kiosk. 

I upgraded to the hot pink Razor my freshman year at BYU and that thing was a gem! It was so fancy I kept it in a sock to protect it. That seemed normal at the time.

Next came my beloved Blackberry. It was a gift from the night I danced with Pierce Brosnan in the Hamptons. Another story for another time. But boy did I look professional with that phone. Only the business majors and I were rockin the Blackberry on BYU campus.  

Obviously the iPhone was a necessity for grad school. That was the argument I gave to my mom and surprisingly it worked. We've had a good time and it's navigated me through some sticky situations (i.e. riding the metro into southeast dc).

Through all of these transitions, AT&T has been by my side. I LOVE AT&T and feel a strange loyalty to them. "Oh what service do you have?" -"AT&T" I always proudly answer. But alas with this whole marriage and "paying your own bills" thing I have to switch to Blake's Verizon plan. Boo.
While I am beyond excited and grateful to get my new beautiful WHITE (much more feminine) iPhone 5, part of me is so sad to leave AT&T. I mean look at our history.

Verizon be good to me. 

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  1. I literally had all the exact.same.phones as you did growing up!