Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happily freezing in NYC

To celebrate the long MLK weekend and to escape the Inauguration
 craziness we hightailed it out of DC and headed up to NYC. 

First stop after Penn Station is ALLLLWAYS Donut Plant. It's pretty much life changing.

We finally checked out the beautiful NYC library. 
We sat and played on our iPhones while everyone next to us read...oops. 

We saw Chelsea Market for the first time. 
Best Anthro ever and adorable twinkle lights= heaven.
Down this hallway is an unbelievable number of
little restaurants, bakeries and fresh food markets!

One of my absolute favorite spots in NYC is the Highline. It's an elevated park on an 
old subway track with great views and awesome people watching spots.
We enjoyed a brisk sunny afternoon walk before the artic chill set in.


That evening, we met our favorite couple, the Laidlaws
for some delicious food at Hill Country BBQ.
Unfortunately, we have yet to take a picture with them.
Then I took an hour long bath to warm up my frozen toesies. 

On Sunday morning, we lucked out and got tickets to see Peter and the Starcatcher.
It's a charming play about how Peter becomes Peter Pan. 
We loved it! 2 thumbs up! It was the last showing (we had no idea) 
so all the actors were on the top of their game. Double win.

We hit up Bubby's (my fav NY restaurant) for some late night pie with our friends.
Monday morning, we ate a delicious breakfast at the hotel 
(probably the highlight for Blake!)
 The man loves his chocolate chip pancakes.

For lunch on Monday, we met up with some of our favorite New Yorkers at Tacombi Tacos.  
We love seeing Aubrey and her mom, Tammy as well as Lincoln and his wife, Lauren.  

We then boarded the train back to DC and more cold. 

See you later NY, we heart you.

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  1. Love it! I love NYC but I haven't gone to any of those restaurants you mentioned (yet.) Thanks for the ideas and I'm glad you had a great time!