Tuesday, February 5, 2013

No Boys Allowed

This weekend Blake had class all weekend so he was nice enough to fly me out to Denver to
 meet up with my two BFFs Steph and Lisa. We've been friends since 7th grade. 
I even remember Steph's outfit the first day of 7th grade...that's friendship.

I got in late Friday night and our first stop was Sonic for some vanilla Diet Coke with pebble ice. 
We stayed up chatting until 3 am (5 am my time...work was rough on Monday).
 Steph has such a cute apartment and she was a great hostess. 
She even stocked up on chocolate and Diet Coke. 
The next morning Steph took us to Snooze for some of the best blueberry pancakes. 
It was worth the hour and half wait for sure!

Next up was shopping at Cherry Creek to buy matching shirts, makeup and earrings. It was awesome. I forgot how fun it is to shop with girls! They encourage you to buy everything :)

We tried to convert Steph to Chipotle that night....but I think we'll need another girls weekend to make her a Chipotle lover. We made a late night stop to the weird grocery store- King Soopers (are you serious?) to buy Vitamin C, donuts, and juice. Obviously. We laughed our heads off watching Pitch Perfect and chatting until 3 am...again. We texted eachother in emojis for about an hour...normal. 

The best part of the weekend was remembering how dumb we were growing up and
seeing Lisa's adorable baby bump! Can't wait for baby Healey this summer!!!

Before I knew it I was landing back in DC on Sunday night. 
It was such as fun weekend connecting again with L and S.

Blake even snuck a little love note into my purse. #cutie

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  1. Oh my goodness, you are so adorable! I didn't know you blogged :) Congrats on getting hitched!