Thursday, March 7, 2013

happy happy Thursday list

I don't know if it's the sunshine or the surprise day off yesterday (thank you no-show snow storm) but this has been a happy happy Thursday.

+ My new nail polish was a hit at work. Nail polish is a preeetty big deal with these ladies, I've never seen such intricate manicures in my life. So I was pretty pumped my electric blue nails made the cut.

+ This adorable song is just so happy and fitting for spring. Spring I can feel you! You are so close! COME! Thanks Ams for the song.

+ Blake comes home tomorrow! I've missed him quite a bit.

+ One of my little kiddos at work said my name for the first time (without me asking him over and over what my name is). Well actually he said "Morning Stefi! What's happenin'?" He is 3. It was pretty much awesome.

+ I booked a flight to see all my fam in NY in May. Faust family paaarty!

+ I'm having a girl party tonight to watch Pitch Perfect and eat yummy Trader Joes snacks. Aca-awesome!

+ We have killer weekend plans to watch Blake dominate his ward bball playoff game. The boy can drain a 3 pointer like nobody's buisness.

+ I'm slowly wearing Blake down to buy me a puppy one day :) How can you resist this face???

And on that note...Happy Thursday!

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  1. I fully support you guys getting a puppy! Especially if it's as cute as that one!