Monday, March 25, 2013

Top moment in Paris

My very very favorite moment in Paris was Blake's Valentines surprise.

Background: There was a recent NY Times article on this bridge in Paris where lovers started placing initialed padlocks on the chain-linked sides of the bridge. Tradition is you write your and your lover's initials on a lock, lock it on the bridge and throw the key in the river together. Now there are literally thousands of locks covering this bridge. How romantic right?

Well we were just wandering around (or so I thought) and we "stumbled" on this bridge. Blake began to tell me the history of the bridge and I said "We'll just have to pretend to put a lock on the bridge." Blake smirked and explained he had something different in mind. He reached into his pocket and showed me a silver lock he had engraved with our names and wedding date!

I melted right then and there. I was SO excited!

Then in all our cheesy glory we locked it onto the bridge, kissed and threw the key in the river. 

 Valentines Day 2013 is going to be pretty hard to beat! 

P.S. We went back a couple of days later and I found our lock again! Now that is love.


  1. That's my brother! Such a romantic! I'm glad you guys had such a fun time!

  2. I have to very embarrassingly admit that I saw this on the Kardashians (I know, I shouldn't let people know I sometimes lower myself to that), but it looked so cute and romantic! So sweet! Your trip looked amazing!

  3. that is the cutest thing ever! how romantic :)

  4. I think he must have some of his Uncle Karl's romantic genes!

  5. Oh my gosh that's SO cute. I love love love it!