Friday, May 17, 2013

Miami heat

Background: Growing up I was always grateful for my olive skin. My mom even knick-named me Little Brown Coconut for goodness sake. That kind of compliment just goes straight to your head. I didn't really have to think about getting sunburned like my other pasty sisters ;) I got mistaken as a Hispanic multiple times at BYU. But then again BYU doesn't see a ton of diversity, or tans, for that part. However the one time I did get burned....Stephanie and I got burned so badly in Bear Lake our eyes swelled shut and we had to put Otter Pops over our eyes. Go big or go home right? 

Anyway, to celebrate Blake's upcoming LAW SCHOOL GRADUATION! (whoot whoot), we scored some cheap tickets to Miami. Let's get one thing straight, Florida is a odd strange bizarre place but a beach is a beach so I wasn't too picky. These pasty workin' girl legs were in desparate need of some quality sun time.

So Blake and the Little Brown Coconut were off to the land of greasy old men, fake boobs, and leathery skin. Hoorah! Our hotel was on the beach so we switched off between beach, pool, beach, pool, beach, pool.... you get the picture. The view was something like this:

Plus a more old men in speedos and grandmas in bikinis. I just told Blake to close his eyes all day.

The first night Blake was bright red all over his shoulders. Tsk Tsk fair skinned boy. I secretly smirked at my pleasently pink cheeks and bronzed arms. I dutifully rubbed him with aloe vera and explained that not everyone can be out in the sun all day like me.

Day 2 Blake's burn had already mostly dissappered and he applied SPF 50 every 10 minutes. He even covered his entire body with towels at one point... I promptly scooted my chair away. But at the end of the day, he was burn free with only sunkissed cheeks.

I did not fair so well. My poor little shoulders were on fire with the fire of a thousand suns. I made Blake turn the AC to 55 degrees just so I could sleep. Or rather toss and turn all night. I really underestimated the fact that my legs had not seen the sun in about 8 months and were not prepared for the Miami heat.
Besides laying in the sun all day, we found Bluebell icecream (my first time trying it! Yum!) and walked around the kinda cute, kinda wierd town. We also had a really fun dinner at Big Pink. I had delicious pancakes and Blake had a salad.... excuse me, half salad (?!) But then he made up for by ordering Fried Oreos which were equally delicious and disgusting.
Although I about cried when Blake touched me with a cold water bottle, my burn has now turned to a nice shade of crimson. And all in all we had a great weekend celebrating the big law school grad. So proud of you hunny!

[Now please someone tell us if we should go to NYU or Georgetown....]

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