Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A DC hot spot. Literally.

A definite DC highlight is Eastern Market. I love a good open air market and food. So win win. We figured getting up before 9 on a Saturday would ensure we would beat the heat and humidity....boy were we wrong. But we still had fun eating delicious food and coveting all the cute jewelry (me) and antique maps (Blake). 
 This gruff crepe man kinda totally scares me but he makes a mean eggs and cheese crepe. 
Hot fresh powder sugary deliciousness in doughnut form.

 No one else wanted to brave the early morning heat on a Saturday apparently. 
 Then we bought delicious peaches to round out the sugar fest.
Alls well that ends well. 

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  1. I went on Saturday too! It was soooo hot-- we couldn't stay long :)