Friday, July 19, 2013

Pick me up doughnut

I really don't recommend having a spouse study for the Bar. It makes for a kinda lame summer. I just really like hanging out with Blake and while watching a million episodes of Parenthood was fun, I'm excited to get him back soon. I'm proud of Blake's hard work and know he'll rock the test in a little over a week. The end is in sight!

Blake could tell I needed a little pick me up after a long week so he woke me up Saturday morning with an instagram pic of a beautiful doughnut. He asked me if I wanted to go on a little city adventure to find such a doughnut. What a gem. I bolted out of bed and we were on our way!
We headed to Astro Doughnuts in the city- the city is sooo dead on the weekend, esp Saturday morning. It's weird. On this glorious day Astro had the flavors: maple bacon, creme brule, salted caramel chocolate, lemon bluberry, pb&j, glazed and BIRTHDAY CAKE!
We decided to skip out of the fried chicken. It was 9 am after all.
I happily ordered my birthday cake and Blake got salted caramel chocolate.
I think we know who made the better decision.
I'm always partial to a yeast (vs. cake) doughnut and this one was out.of.control good.
I mean it's hard to go wrong with chocolate, sprinkles and frosting.

Here's to one more blasted week of studying!

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