Sunday, August 25, 2013

Zions Extravaganza

After a few fun days in SLC, we packed into Amer's civic, affectionately known as Tybalt. We picked up our adopted little sis Miriam, big gulps and red vines and we were on our way! Us Fausts know how to road trip! Although at one point we did all fell asleep, leaving poor Blake to navigate the monotony of I-15 South. We made a pit stop in St. George to hit up Swig and visit my uncle and aunt.

Let's just say that the dirty diet coke, sugar cookies and homemade doughtnuts were everything they were cracked up to be. #delicious #sugarfest

My uncle and aunt live in Kayenta, a beautiful little artsy  community in the desert above St. George. The clouds were heavenly.

The next day we headed out to Zion and the DESERT PEARL! This is our favorite gem and I always love staying here. Even Blake, the hotel fanatic, was wowed by the high ceilings and exposed beams, he hasn't stopped talking about how beautiful this hotel was!
We hiked, swam and discussed the royal baby with the European hikers. Another big highlight was eating the best shave ice since we've had since Hawaii. Yum.

 Love these people.
 Thanks for a great vacay, fam! Nothing can beat Utah summers. 
Next stop on our summer tour, Seattle! 

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