Saturday, August 17, 2013

If you have to take the Bar...

Two weeks ago I sat for the Utah Bar Exam.  This two-day exam was the culmination of two and a half months of studying - that's 8+ hours a day, six days a week... brutal.  Luckily, I survived, and hopefully in a few months we will get the official notice that I passed as well.  Even though the actual test experience was pretty miserable, the week of the test was fantastic!

1.  I flew out to Salt Lake City on Saturday evening to give myself some time to adjust to the time change and get acclimated to the mountain air (which by the way IS FANTASTIC.  I did not miss the DC humidity one bit).  Best part?  Not only did I get a free upgrade to First Class for the direct flight, but my incredible Mother-in-law and sister-in-law took me out to Red Iguana after the flight - easily the best Mexican food in SLC!!! Delicious!

2.  After church on Sunday, I got to hang out with these goofballs!

These are JR's kids and they are a hoot.  I only got to see them that afternoon and evening, but it was such a treat to laugh with them - really helped me to relax before the test.  Not to mention we enjoyed a delicious chicken pesto dinner that Amy helped to prepare and homemade rolls from Barb!  Speaking of homemade rolls, Angie's mom is famous for making great ones and she sent some along with Angie - I rationed them out and ate one before each morning and afternoon section of the exam - talk about BRAIN FOOD!

3.  After Amy finished work on Monday we went to see The Internship at the dollar theatre in Sugarhouse.  Dollar theaters are one of my favorite things in the world, and this movie is so freaking funny.  It was the second time for both of us, and we laughed just as hard!  "Hey Gossip Girls!  The CW called... you're canceled!"

4.  That night, Barb made the most delicious lasagna, and I snacked on my home-made Muddy Buddies (part of an incredible care package that greeted me when I arrived in Holladay).  And Grandma had me covered with Crispix for both mornings of the exam!  Was I completely spoiled?  Yes - and I am so grateful!

5.  A few hours after I finished the Exam, I got to pick up Stefi from the airport.  We had a few days to catch up with friends and family in Holladay and then took an epic roadtrip down to Zion National Park (we'll have a whole post on that with some AWESOME pictures later).

It's kind of hard to believe that the exam is really over.  After three years of law school classes, and a LONG summer with Kaplan Bar Review, I'm finally done!  I have a few weeks to let that soak in before orientation starts at Georgetown for my Tax LLM program, so let me know if you have any books I should read before I bury myself in the Tax Code ;)

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  1. sounds like your in-laws treat you right! can't wait to see the zion's pics!