Wednesday, December 11, 2013

turkey time

After finally being picked up from the airport (my mom got a little lost :)) we headed straight to a new donut place in SLC- Beyond Glaze. It was awesome. Seriously awesome. Great start to the weekend.
I finally saw Skus after about 1.5 years.. our pic wasn't sure but just know it was a great reunion! We saw our favorite baby Elle! Her parents are pretty cool too ;) Steph and Dev joined too and S has the cutest baby bump :)
My goal for 2013 was to learn to make rolls from my mom. Nailed it. Now I have to try to make them on my own…maybe I'll save that one for 2014.
My mom makes Martha Stewart look like a amateur. The woman makes her own soap! She was wrapping soap all weekend to prepare for her holiday boutiques. She sent us home with a heavenly haul. Wassil is my favorite mmmm.
We had a great Thanksgiving all together and got to celebrate my grandma's 90th birthday! She is such a rockstar and the best grandma ever. Keep on chuggin grams!
I also finally got to meet my not so new niece Heidi! She was such a doll but didn't love it when I looked at her. Guess we need to visit Utah more.

We also hit up the Black Friday madness at the outlets, saw Book Thief and enjoyed every second of being home.

Now onto Seattle for Christmas!


  1. and I think you forgot to say it was really fun seeing Devin and Stephanie ;)

    1. haha that's what I get for writing a post on cold medicine! and I forgot skus too- i'm a space case. It was awesome to see you guys and that baby bump!!!!!

    2. haha i just like to give you a hard time :) i appreciate the shout out though. You're too good to me!