Sunday, December 1, 2013


Before we headed to Utah for turkey day, we made a stop in Vegas. Blake has lots of good Vegas memories and promised to show me, the skeptical wife, the better side of Vegas. First stop was the Centurion lounge in the airport, it had an awesome buffet and cool modern feel.

My dad, Jake and Jordan drove down from St. George to hang out with us for a day. We had a great time at the Bobby Flay restaurant, and visiting the Pawn Stars shop and the Shark Tank at Mandalay Bay. They also brought us Swig cookies and Blake about cried :)

We spent the rest of our time shopping, eating In N Out, and checking out all the cool hotels all while enjoying 60 degree weather. I got my first ever massage! It's safe to say I am now a big big spa fan.

We got to meet up with lots of friends including the Sundells, Bryce, Julie and Taylor + kids. We met up for dinner and dessert at the Aria one night, the best smelling hotel ever :)
It was a quick but fun and relaxing trip. We will definitely be back soon- I need to meet my girl Celine!!!

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