Monday, January 6, 2014

A Seattle Christmas

We had such as great Christmas in Seattle this year. I love Seattle more and more every time we visit. It is a great, clean city with lots to do and I love counting how many people I see wearing socks with sandals so it's always a good time. Blake's parents spoiled us with attention, shopping, movies and delicious treats this year. My favorite gift was a night away at the Salish Lodge on top of Snoqualmie Falls. It's a short drive from Mercer Island and it is the hidden gem of Washington!

I was blown away when we arrived. It was the coziest most romantic lodge tucked away in the fog. I especially loved the big bath tub and fireplace in the room. :)
Blake took me to an old family favorite- Scott's Dairy Freeze. I'm a sucker for old school diners.
We had a great Christmas morning together. Everyone got together and surprised Lance with a new briefcase but we didn't know what style to get so we let him pick from six :) Lawyers and their briefcases...
We spent lots of time relaxing, baking, running errands and eating. Ramona made the best treats everyday! We have to hit up Pike Place Market every time we're in town of course. Beecher's mac and cheese is my favorite. I love the market! Sadly there weren't any pretty peonies like in August so we'll just have to come visit again this summer!

Thanks family for a wonderful Christmas! We miss you already!


  1. You're making me homesick! Next time I promise we'll be there when you guys are there for Christmas!

  2. looks like such a dream!!!! glad you have fun! p.s. bought those costco zip ups yesterday, score!

  3. That lodge is to die for! And I spy Sound of Music on the TV. Awesome.