Thursday, December 11, 2014

2014 highlights

Some highlights of 2014:

Blake is finally done with school. He graduated from Georgetown University with his LLM in Tax Law. He crushed his LLM year and I'm so proud of him. We are able to travel to Paris in the spring so he could attend a tax conference with students from all around Europe and the US. I was so happy to tag along!
After graduation we then took off for a whirl wind trip to Asia. Due to Blake cashing in his all his points/miles/whatever we were able to fly business class and stay in some great hotel for free! We landed in Bali and quickly fell in love with the beautiful beaches and people. The resort was fairly empty so the staff gave us special treatment like cutting up Blake his special plate of (yellow!) watermelon every morning.

Next up was Hot Hong Kong. I've never been so hot or sticky in my life but it was great! The harbor is gorgeous. In between catching the sights we walked from one McDonalds to the next and bought $1 drinks and used the free wifi for 20 minutes to cool off. It was beautiful and we loved the morning we spent at the LDS Temple.

Last up was Tokyo. I've never eaten so many McDonalds happy meals or Snicker bars in my life. But Blake loved the local cuisine :) I ate Indian food once and I felt preeeetty adventurous. It was crazy crowded but it felt nice to be in a crowd of people my same height for once. Blake didn't stick out at all...Bonus: I was able to buy a maxi skirt without having to hem it! Winning! Speaking Japanese would have really come in handy but we Blake managed pretty well with gesturing and talking loudly. People seemed to really love that. Overall it was an adventure and I'm grateful for the time Blake and I were able to spend together after a crazy school year.

With some pretty awful timing we moved from our first little apartment the week we got back from Asia. Jet lag + packing made for some good times that week (insert clenching mouth emoji). We love our new place and love our new ward though! We are both in the Primary and its safe to say the kids all like Blake more than me. I inadvertently use a lot of therapy terms with them such as "quiet body" or "use your words". I'm working on it...
Blake started his new job at KPMG in July working in the Mergers and Acquisitions group. I don't fully understand what he does but he loves it. He still tells a lot of tax jokes at big parties with strangers so life is good on our front.

Time to head home for Christmas!


  1. Welcome back, I've missed your fun voice here in the blogosphere. See you next week!

  2. Yay!!! So happy you're blogging again!!