Wednesday, December 31, 2014

year in review

0:  sushi rolls Stefi ate
1:  new apartment, graduation, turkey bowl, new car, bout of food poisoning
2:  year anniversary celebrated, trays of burned cookies, awesome weddings attended
3:  new church callings, new countries visited, new states visited
4:  new favorite TV shows, trips to IKEA, hours spent researching donut shops
5:  meltdowns in primary, pairs of booties Stefi purchased then returned
6:  new books read, batches of Apple Betty made
7:  sushi rolls Blake ate, snow days off of work (yay!), Harry Potter books Stefi reread
8:  bottles of nail polish purchased, times a kid sneezed in Stefi's eyeball
9:  dozen red velvet cupcakes made, Field Notes notebooks Blake purchased
10+:  movies seen, hours stuck in traffic, flights taken, Target runs, hours spent listening to Serial

2014 was a great year!
We're ready for you 2015

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