Thursday, April 9, 2015

Beijing for a day

Yes we are crazy.

Its no secret that Blake loves all things travel. He is linked into this "flyer talk" group that gets together once a month to do dinner and discuss all things aviation. I stay home and watch Gilmore Girls :) They email back and forth about different deals that come up throughout the month as well.

One night I was showering and Blake comes running into the bathroom screaming that someone from his flyer group had just emailed him about a mistake fare to Beijing China. An airline had miscalculated the fare from a couple thousand dollars to $400 in business class! He booked a flight as fast as he could because mistake fares are only up on websites for a few minutes before the mistake is caught and taken down.

I finish showering and ask Blake how long we are going for and he replies, "one day"
I got bamboozled!

We are going over Memorial Day weekend and he couldn't get off any more time from work. So we will be in Beijing a whopping 24 hours. Yes we are crazy. But it at least we get to lie down flat in a little sleeping pod and watching movies on the 13 hour flight, right?  Yes we are crazy.What an adventure!
A bunch of his flyer buddies also booked tickets on our same flight so it will be a party in business class! One guy had these luggage tags made as gifts for everyone to commemorate the trip.

Yes we are crazy.


  1. You guys are awesome! What an awesome thing to do!!

  2. That is so cool. What is this flyer group?