Friday, September 23, 2016

Teddy 3 months

THIS has been the best month with Teddy! He continues to be a happy, smiley, pleasant baby. He is getting chubby and has the cutest double chin. I'd guess he's around 14.5 lbs and 25 inches. He rocked both of his flights to and from Utah- sleeping the entire time. I'm convinced he is giving us a false sense of reality of life with a newborn and will make up for it in his toddler years ;)

He stole everyone's hearts in Utah, making it extra hard to leave this time. We enjoyed time with Great Grandma Siddoway and Grandma Barbara especially. Teddy loved his cousins Anne, Heidi and Liesel too. He also met his girlfriends Elle and Livy! It was the best to be able to hang out with Lisa and drink Gigis :). We went on a walk up the mountains and enjoyed the beginnings of fantastic fall weather. And we ate all our favorite Utah food of course.

Teddy *usually* sleeps about 9:00 pm-6:30 am now so no complaints here! (Although this week he has kept us humble by waking up between 4-5 am each morning ha). His new trick is to swat and kick at his overhanging toy contraption. He loves that thing and could just happily swat at it all day long. We have started story time and the library every week now, he doesn't normally really show a lot of interest in it yet but its a fun way to get out of the house. Some silly songs make him giggle so loud though, it's so fun! He moves around like crazy in his crib, especially when he is trying to free himself of the swaddle. I came in one afternoon and he had done a full 180 degree turn! If he had his way he would be held all day long while he napped ;)

Being swaddled and cuddled is still his favorite thing. He giggled for the first time on my birthday (best gift ever!) and it was beyond adorable. He gets kinda slap happy and hyper at night sometimes now if we keep him up later (#firsttimeparents). He still loves bath time with Dad and kicks like a maniac. He also loves arching his back so much he almost flips onto his stomach. His favorite position is laying with his ankles crossed and sucking on his fists. He also loves lights, shadows and ceiling fans now, his eyes get so big tracking objects it's hilarious. 

We are looking forward to a visit from Grandma Ramona and Aunt Sara in a few weeks. Then moving to our new place! Hooray for no more commuting for Dad! 
Dunford Donut tower cake- best ear birthday party ever!

 our little cougar at the BYU bookstore haha
 we love Utah mountains!
we love Great Grandma Siddoway
college buddies 
 playtime and our first story time! 
 visiting all our friends at NCC
baby boot camp
we love our walks together and this cooler weather is awesome
 favorite position with ankles crossed chomping on his hands


  1. Cannot wait to see you all! Love all the pictures & update!

  2. He is so cute!! You don't know me but I was friends with Blake on his mission so I saw your blog on his Facebook and realized that our little boys are only 1 month apart (mine was 7/22). I love seeing whats ahead for us! :) ps where is that wooden hanging toy thing from!? That is way cool!!

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