Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Teddy 4 months

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Teddy's 4th month mostly consisted of lots of packing then unpacking and he was a trooper through it all! We recently moved closer to Blake's work in Tyson's Corner, VA. Seeing Dad a lot more has us all pretty happy.

This past month Teddy learned to roll over from his back to his tummy. Now anytime you put him on his back to play, he immediately flips over onto his tummy. He is able to sometimes fall back onto his side and back but is still working on the full roll. Teddy is so mobile and active! I leave the room for 2 minutes and when I come back he is three feet away from where I left him! He has also discovered his toes and loves to chomp on his chubby little piggies. He does this crazy arm thing when he is nursing now where his arm on the outside just swings around wildly. He grabs at my hair and necklaces constantly. Teddy will also sometimes sweetly stroke my face or touch my mouth while he nurses which I love. 

He loves to feel things now. He scratches textured surfaces and loves to run his hands up and down the rails of his crib. He is 100% out of the newborn phase and is a growing baby. He is sleeping about 8:30-7 most nights and naps pretty well. Teddy is discovering his tongue and mouth too. He concentrates really hard and makes slobbery "bubu" sounds which makes my speech-pathologist heart proud. Teddy thinks getting undressed is hilarious and always giggles when he take his arms out of his sleeves (???). He continues to love bath time and FaceTiming Aunt Amy every night. 

We packed in lots of fun story times with our bestie Cohen this month before we moved. We also had a really fun visit from Aunt Sara and Grandma Ramona. They packed the kitchen and gave Teddy lots of attention. We celebrated Sara and Blake's birthdays with a delicious BBQ and a fun brunch. Our ward Trunk or Treat was a blast and Bao Bao was a hit! We visited Dad at work on Halloween and explored our new neighborhood. 

I was very sad to move from Alexandria and leave Teddy's first home but our place is getting better and better. We went to our new ward on Sunday and there aren't a ton of babies so Teddy got A LOT of attention from everyone. Everyone was really friendly and excited to have us there so that's helping with the [20 min away] homesickness. Teddy continues to be a 100% dream baby and we couldn't love him more!

 we love Story Time and Cohen!
 Last Sunday in our Alexandria 1st ward :(
Fun Birthday brunch!
 Panda Baby!

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