Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Party Time

Thanks to lots of help from lots of people (especially my rockstar Mom) our reception was perfect! It's a little nerve racking to see your vision finally come to life but I loved it all!

Tie the Knot fireplace. Every stinkin thing was handmade. It it wasn't navy or white, we made it navy or white! Crafting up the whazoo.

Life in DC board. (Secret: it's the bottom on a baby crib spray painted one million times. Thank you mother for picking it up off the side of the road. Literally.)
Peonies everywhere!
Lots and lots of cupcakes of course.

Summer BBQ, salad, fruit and lemonade slushy stand 

Our favors, chocolate covered cinnamon bears. And lots of them at that!

Who doesn't love a good train ride

 Best friends a couple can get.

Family party!

Let's be honest, the babies were the best part of the whole night.

Our wedding was a success thanks to my mom and kid sister Amers. 
Thank you thank you thank you!

This is basically what Blake and I did all night. Just smiled and laughed. 
And looked at the food we never got to touch.

Then it was off to the Waldorf-Astoria in Park City to kick off the honeymoon!
Hawaii extravaganza to come....

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