Monday, July 30, 2012

A quick stop

After our wedding luncheon we had a few hours to kill before our reception. We hoped in our rental car, Blake in his dashing navy suit and me in my white ruffly luncheon dress, and headed to grab some doughnuts. Can you blame us? Banbury Cross donuts in SL are amazing and we were craving some bad. Real bad. Also I needed a ginormous diet coke like ASAP. The teenage worker was super confused that we had gotten married two hours ago and yet we were there.

Driving up to our reception at the Garden Place, I spotted a new Lululemon store in Trolley Square. I knew the only way I'd ever get Blake to buy me a pair of $90 yoga pants was on a day like today. This was my chance.
We flipped around and I happily began shopping. The sales clerk kept glancing at me and finally asked "Um why are you so dressed up? It looks like you're in a wedding." I replied "Oh I just got married 3 hours ago" like that was totally normal. She freaked out and got so excited and announced it to the store. I was seriously hoping for some kind of bride discount but no such luck.

At least I got my doughnut.

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  1. Stefi,
    This seriously made me CRACK up! LIke in my room, alone, full-on-laughing! I love that you went to Lululemon on your wedding day. practically my hero!