Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tying the Knot

We made a Facebook album of a few (ok a hundred) of our favorite wedding day images and let me tell you it was hard to pick from 700. But here are a few of snipits of our big day.

June 19, 2012- her version.
I remember feeling mostly calm (well mostly tired) sitting at my 6 am hair appointment. My hair just got bigger and bigger as the appointment went on but Lorna did her magic and turned it into the perfect do. I kept looking down at the pajamas and sparkly shoes and thinking "This is the strangest outfit I have ever worn.....and I can't believe I'm getting married in 5 hours."
 I went home and got all ready. Blake was still asleep at this point. My house was chaotic and stuffed to the brim with family members. My grandma was insistently trying to get me to drink a glass of milk- some things never change. My mom and I slipped out the door and were on our way!

After meeting Blake at the Salt Lake Temple and being shuffled around by sweet old temple workers we were finally alone. We sat in a special room and just basically smiled at each other. We. Were. So. Excited.

We had such a beautiful ceremony. I loved walking into the room and seeing all our friends and family. I immediately started crying and basically didn't stop for the duration of the ceremony. Promises were made, hands were held and kisses were swapped.

More changing, more lipstick, more hugs and we were finally coming out the doors of the temple. I think it was the closest to feeling like a celebrity I'll ever get. It was awesome! We just beamed as our most favorite people all cheered and clapped for us.

I hadn't seen my baby sister Amy yet and she ran up to me and started crying. Then I started crying and getting mad at her for making me cry and ruin my makeup. We've been beside each other through a lot and I will miss our Sunday tradition of watching Little Women and painting our nails. Little sisters are the best.

We took a million pictures in a million different combinations. I don't remember much but just feeling so happy. Like happiness on a new level.

We had an awesome luncheon and Blake gave a wonderful speech at the end. He then turned the mic over to me and I simply smiled and said "thanks!" Ha I didn't feel like talking and hey I was the bride. 

Reception party to come! 


  1. Love the new blog! You guys are so cute. I love that Grandma was trying to get you to drink a glass of milk. Man I love that lady. Hope all is going well in your new lives :)

  2. Your new blog is great! Love the title! :)

  3. Yes! More more more! So happy about the new blog, and PLEASE tell me we'll get some guest posts from Blake!!

    Also, very pleased with my blog's prominent position on your sidebar. You have your priorities straight.