Monday, October 1, 2012

her september happy list

finally getting a hang of this whole 'career' thing
Blake's deeeelicious homemade pizza. Best thing ever
the humidity leaving DC. Hooray!
discovering the beauty of steel cut oats. Goodbye oatmeal.
surprise adorable grey striped rug as a late wedding gift.
watching Friends reruns in between crisp clean white sheets
sporting dark nail polish
making new couple friends in our ward.
my favorite shows returning. Hellllo Greys, Revenge, Good Wife and Park and Rec
my bro in law getting an iPhone so we can FaceTime baby Anne! Yay! 
new red birthday purse. What a beaut, thanks Momma.
adventure day with Blake (more to come)
a fun surprise birthday dinner with my close pals. 
[not to mention the Nutella Calzone that was a must have]
Target loafers. Enough said. 
turning 25! and feeling so loved! thanks everyone!

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