Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My favorite two year old

Meet Baby Anne.
She is beloved in our family. 
She is a hilarious chatty child genius.
And she is scared  terrified  mortified of Blake.

We were thinking hoping praying it would wear off with time...but no
this giant bearded man just makes this little one shrink in fear.
Even FaceTime is a petrifying experience for little blondie as documented in the picture below....

It really is hilarious sad because Blake just looooooves her so much and tries 
incredibly hard to get her to like him.
But it's just not happening.
Poor Uncle Blake.

Once I kicked Blake off of FaceTime, Anne started chatting away to her favorite aunt.
My favorite little phrases include (keep in mind she is two. Two I tell you!)

Me: "What's your name?"
Anne: "Pablo color crew"
[excuse me!?!?!]

Me: "Hey Anne what does ignition mean?" (her mom told me to ask her)
Anne: "START!"

Me: "What are you going to be for Halloween?"
Anne: "A doggie! I want one candy from the neighbors. No...TWO candies! 
I love Halloween cause I get caaaaaandy"

Me: "Is it cold?"
Anne: "Yes it's autumn time. Autumn says it's cold outside"

She then proceeded to teach me baby sign language. Like over 50 signs...

Too bad Blake had to sit across the room because 
I'm now fluent in sign language thanks to a two year old.
But for reals. 

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